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Healthy Hair Bundle Pack

Healthy Hair Bundle Pack

$ 47.00

Is your hair hard? Is it always dry? Do you what to start making your own natural hair products? I have the perfect thing. It's the Healthy Hair Bundle Pack. 

These books are helping women around the world develop a hair care routine that works for their hair and their daughters. Your hair will be stronger, healthier, and longer. 

Healthy Hair Bundle Pack includes 4 eBooks and Guides that will help you keep your hair cute and healthy. 

Bundle Includes 4 Items 

4- Digital eBooks and Guides

1.) Natural Hair Rules!!! Guide to Healthy Hair  (Value $25)

There’s NO holy grail product or one quick step that will fully hydrate dry natural hair.  But every product and each step in your natural hair regimen should combat dryness.
This guide outlines how to add moisture to dry hair and prevent damage and breakage for more moisturized and healthy hair.
2.) 10 Best Natural Hair Products (Value $15)
No matter your hair type, texture, or fullness; here are ten natural hair products that will work for you. 
3.) 5 Easy D.I.Y. Deep Conditioners for Natural Hair (Value $15)
Do you want to make your own natural hair products? Here are five easy recipes that will treat the driest of hair, any hair damage, and dry scalp or dandruff.
4.) 13 Natural Hair Products That Fight Frizz and Beat Humidity (Value $15)

Humidity or moisture in the air can make hair frizzy and damaged. I have compiled a list of products perfect for standing up to humidity and beating frizz because they possess three qualities needed to set and hold hair, moisturize even the driest hair, and improve your hair's porosity.

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