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Natural Hair Rules!!! Guide to Healthy Hair + Bonus Pack

Natural Hair Rules!!! Guide to Healthy Hair + Bonus Pack

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It’s no secret that natural hair can be very dry. You can slather oils, butters, and every product known to man, but STILL have dry, hard, crunchy hair.
That’s the main reason that I created this guide. It’s already a challenge to know the best way to moisturize your hair. And I have to break the news to you…
There’s NO holy grail product or one quick step that will fully hydrate dry natural hair.  But every product and each step in your natural hair regimen should combat dryness.
Each step outlined in this guide will do one of the two things mentioned above resulting in more moisturized and healthy hair.
Natural Hair Rules!!! Guide to Healthy Hair is the Ultimate Breakdown of the L.O.C. Method.
The L.O.C. Method is the best way to moisturize even the driest hair. It's scientifically sound and recommended by many natural hair stylists.
But are you still unsure about it, are you confused by all the different versions on the internet, maybe you don't know what products to use or in what order...
Natural Hair Rules!!! Guide to Healthy Hair is a step-by-step comparison of the two most common L.O.C Methods. And a look at the best products and order for each.
Plus, gorgeous Winter fashion from some of the top photographers and bloggers.
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Print Guide: 38 pages
Note: This Guide is Available for a LIMITED Time

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